The landmark is located in the Central Rhodopes on the eastern slope of Chernatitsa hill, at 1450m. They are 80 km south of Plovdiv, 35 km. northwest of the town of Chepelare and 200 km. from Sofia. “Wonderful Bridges” are huge marble arches connecting the two shores of the river Dalbok Dol, which springs from the peak of Golyam Persenk (2091 m). Erkyupria is the old name of the place, from Turkish – “er” – big and “kupriya” – bridge.


The rock phenomena is interesting not only for its impressive appearance, but also for the history of its origin. It is known that the majestic arch of the big bridge was formed when a large water cave (formed in a marble stock from the waters of the river Dalbokdol) collapsed in an earthquake. The waters of the river have carried away the fallen debris, forming two rare in their beauty, natural rock bridges. Erosion processes of this rock phenomenon continue to this day.


The big bridge is 96 meters long and 70 m. high. Its arch rises 45 m. above the clear and ice-cold waters of the river. The marble block from which it is built is 12-15 meters wide and a path passes through it. At its base there are two interconnected caves and many karst cavities inhabited by many bats and birds. Located about 200 meters lower along the river is the Small Bridge. It looks like a long tunnel with its 60 meters length.The total height of the bridge is about 50 meters, and the arch itself is 30 m. It starts with a relatively wide hole, which gradually narrows to become at its other end, a rock crevice. Towards the lower end of the small bridge, the river disappears, becomes underground and returns to the surface, after about 2 km.
Near the entrance of the small bridge is the Ice Cave, where the ice retains until late summer. Between the two bridges you can find a extremely beautiful river drainage basin, which is full of unforgettable and breathtaking views, including a small waterfall. It is this section of the rock phenomenon that is a favorite place for many photographers. Along the rocky precipices around the bridges, nature has designated a place for many beautiful plant species, among which stand out Bulgarian geranium (Geranium macrorhizum) and Rhodope Silivryak (Haberlea rodopenzis). Three main hiking trails give tourists access to the rock phenomenon. The main path is steep and leads down to the river, under the Big Bridge. Path number two leads up to the top of the arch of the Small Bridge, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view to the scale of the Big Bridge. The third path starts from the asphalt parking lot and leads to the arch of the Big Bridge, from where you can see a beautiful panoramic view of the Small Bridge. All three paths are secured with a metal fence.


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