„wonderful bridges“

The restaurant “Wonderful Bridges” was renovated in the spring of 2019. It has 130 seats. Some of the tables are outside and are located on fabulous meadows, under centuries-old conifers.
The rest of the seats are located under a massive wooden shed, which provides protection in adverse weather conditions.The food is always fresh because it is prepared daily.
All products are environmentally friendly, free of GMOs, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and monosodium glutamate, which is common in many restaurants.
The dishes are stored in hot and cold food displays, which allows tourists to see what Bulgarian specialties look and smell like.
The menu always includes traditional Bulgarian specialties and especially those from the Rhodope region.
In order to support the livelihood of the local community, most of the products are delivered from the village of Zabardo (famous for its best dairy delicacies), which is located 10 km. from the Bridges.
All products typical for the region have an organic focus – dairy products, potatoes, meat and bread from the local oven. The fruits used in desserts, such as raspberries, wild strawberries, a s well as herbs, pine needles for honey and elderflower (for the hommemade elderflower lemonade called basonada), are also collected entirely from the region.
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